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Lara Lyn Carter, chef, Emmy award winning television host, cookbook author, and founder of Wicker and Whisk – a gourmet line of “clean” sauces – found “fit” at 47-years old. It was three months before her 47th birthday when she decided to make a lifestyle change. She had to get back into shape and lose weight after having a baby at almost 43-years old, but how do you avoid food when your life revolves around it?

Food is just as big a part of her family life as it is her professional life. No one in the family was going to be happy if she began cooking boring food. So, she made the decision that she was going to make everyone, herself included, happy and create delicious meals just as she always had but healthier and “cleaner”. No boring baked chicken and plain salads were going to dare grace her Southern table. As a chef, she knew that she would have to push her culinary skills to keep her family and herself happy. The thought of being bored with cooking, when it is what she loves so dearly, was terrifying. So, for the first 120-days of her lifestyle change she created a new recipe putting her creativity to the test.

She lost 46 pounds and went from a size 10 to a size 2. What began as something that she thought she would suffer through to reach her goals of becoming healthy and fit has become a new passion. She actually loves working out. She has discovered muscles she never knew she had. And, she found that it was actually possible to lose the weight from having a late-in-life baby. And the cooking, it has been the biggest blessing. Her creativity is challenged every day and she loves it. She states, “I haven’t given up anything. I have simply added a new culinary passion – glorious food that is delicious, beautiful, healthy, and clean”.