Bringing Southern Elegance & Healthy Recipes to the

Modern Kitchen


Emmy Award winning television host and chef Lara Lyn Carter has a talent  for new twists on classic recipes making them healthy and delicious. Born and raised in Georgia, Lara Lyn started creating recipes at sixteen, and quickly fell in love with the little things involved in planning an incredible meal. As a wife and  mother of three boys, she “found fit at 47” and changed her style of cooking going for clean and healthy. She dropped over 40 pounds in 4 months and lost 5 clothing sizes. As a chef she began creating a new and healthy recipes everyday for 120 days and is now writing her first healthy cookbook with Familius Publishing. In addition to her healthy lifestyle, Lara Lyn is converting her popular Wicker & Whisk product line over to a cleaner and healthier line which will be available in spring of 2018.