Wicker & Whisk

Bold new flavors for classic dishes

Our marinades and sauces put a bold new spin on American family favorites, making Wicker & Whisk the perfect addition to your modern kitchen. We take tried and true recipes to a new degree of flavor and elegance, and bring peace of mind to anyone looking for a quick but outstanding meal. With Wicker & Whisk, delicious American dishes with your own personal twist are easier than ever.

Merlot Steak Sauce

Our Merlot Steak Sauce has a rich, tangy flavor with an incredible complexity beyond that of ordinary steak sauces. Made with real red wine, our Merlot Steak Sauce can be used after preparation or as a marinade, making it the perfect pairing for steak, beef, or portabella mushrooms.

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Homegrown Herb Dressing

This creamy dressing is so floral and herbaceous, you’ll practically feel the earth between your toes. Packed with flavor, our Homegrown Herb Dressing takes any leafy green or garden vegetable to another level of natural by bringing a wonderfully smooth texture to each crunchy bite.

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Port Wine Mustard

Heaven is a place where sweet meets savory. This delicious mustard goes great with chicken, pork, or any dish begging for a bold, new flavor. Our Port Wine Mustard has all the smoothness of a classic Dijon, but with a taste that goes beyond the traditional. One taste and your family will want a little of it on everything.

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