From Emmy award winning creator and host Lara Lyn Carter comes this unique and entertaining cooking series, Thyme for Sharing. Each episode draws inspiration from a beautiful, historic locale and communicates the essence of place through the mouth-watering magic of food. Lara Lyn first explores the local fare alongside some kindly experts, then returns home to put her own twist on a signature dish. In the end, it’s “thyme for sharing” a well-appointed table, a delectable meal, and a perfectly-paired wine with the good company of family and friends. So go ahead and pull up a chair: Lara Lyn saved a seat for you!

Show 1: Monticello

On this episode of Thyme for Sharing, host Lara Lyn Carter explores Monticello, Virginia, the beloved home of the first “foodie” Thomas Jefferson! From his extensive notes, we learn how America’s third president set the table and entertained guests with fresh foods from his gardens and orchards.  We then fill up a glass with Gabriele Rausse to discuss Jefferson’s early passion for wine. Lara Lyn even solves a historic debate: did Jefferson introduce ice cream to America? Finally, it’s back to Lara Lyn’s kitchen to whip up an all-American dinner featuring an herbed pork tenderloin, cornbread salad, and grown-up ice cream.

Show 2: Jekyll Island

Lara Lyn may not be marooned on Jekyll Island, but she’d sure like to be! Against this stunning Southern backdrop on the coast of Georgia, we experience award-winning shrimp and grits at the historic Jekyll Island Club Hotel’s Grand Dining Room. An elegant, Victorian-style restaurant which has served such esteemed guests as Rockefeller, Astor, and Pulitzer. Then from the comfort of her own stove, Lara Lyn reinvents the meal that was once considered breakfast. Georgia Grown shrimp and grits set the stage for a fun-filled girls’ luncheon, complete with a rich and refreshing slice of lime cake.

Show 3: Nashville

In the honky-tonk city of Nashville, Lara Lyn is literally hot on the trail of one of the area’s staple dishes: Nashville hot chicken. After spicing things up at Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, we make a mad dash to the local watering hole, Tavern, and cool our boots with a round of favored cocktails. Lara Lyn takes the heat back home to prepare a fiery date-night feast. Her spicy fried chicken and grilled portobellos, accompanied by with a cool and creamy herb dipping sauce, tempered by a tasty Jack Daniel’s tea.

Show 4: Gray Moss Plantation

In the final installment of this four-part series, we find ourselves in a fowl mood at Gray Moss Plantation.  Host Lara Lyn Carter ventures from the hunt to the table exploring the long-standing sport of quail hunting, a dinnertime tradition. Then, it’s fly away home where she puts a modern-day spin on this true plantation dish. Lara Lyn bakes a uniquely sweet-and-savory quail, Vidalia onion casserole, and balances it out with decadent dessert, blue cheese and fig cheesecake.